Monday, 14 July 2014

I was in Germany when they won their 4th World Cup

Being in the country that wins the World Cup is something special. I feel quite fortunate to be in Germany at this time of my life. I really wanted to go to Brazil in this World Cup but due to some reasons it couldn’t happen. So, I was hoping Germany would win so that even though I couldn’t go there, World Cup would come to my doorstep J.

It was 2002 when I first started watching this tournament. I was hugely impressed with Brazil that time. So in every World Cup after that, I supported Brazil 
by default but in 2006 and 2010, I also supported England additionally. In last two World Cups, I became well aware of German football and their capability though I didn't watch Bundesliga. However, me being in England that time, we saw Germany as one of our main rivals (nothing personal). This time, since I am in love with Germany and have started following Bundesliga, I supported Germany. Plus, because of few other reasons, I decided to support Brazil, Ecuador, England, Mexico, Netherlands and Spain too.

Brazil's first match against Croatia wasn't that impressive. The era of Brazilian Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Cafu has certainly faded away. Also, the game was too much into Brazil's favor that I lost my interest in them. Croatia deserved to win that match. As a result, one country got deleted from my list: Brazil. Netherlands vs Spain was slightly tough decision but after seeing Van Persie's flying projectile goal, I had my heart set on Netherlands. I somehow knew that the maximum level Mexico and Ecuador could reach was knock out stage. I still followed them though. Their game was equally competitive and entertaining. England was very disappointing this time. By looking at their game, I was surprised they were even qualified for the competition. By the time World Cup reached to the knock out stage, my list had condensed down to Germany and Netherlands only. I really wanted both of them to reach final but unfortunately the main player I was supporting in Netherlands started degrading. As the days passed on, Robin Van Persie showed the performance that we saw of him when he was working under David Moyes in Man United. So, when the World Cup reach to the final, there was only one country in my list- Germany. 

I really enjoyed this World Cup because the competition was more competitive than previous ones. So many talented players! On the final day, our institute organized a public viewing. Watching football in a group is always fun. Cheering, screaming, laughing and drinking (coke), it was a great fun. It was 1 am in the morning when I returned home after Germany won. At that time of the morning on the road, I had never seen this kind of crazy celebration. Just few hours ago, not even an insect was on the road but as soon as they won the title, I don’t know from where they started and since when, there were queues of vehicles on the road following each vehicle in front of them in slow motion. Every vehicle was honking the horn and people had their heads sticking out of the windows. They were screaming like crazy. It was too loud for me but I was enjoying it. It was good see people happy and I felt like I am in right country at right time J.

Now the World Cup is finishedL. Since it started, I haven't done much work but check on World Cup updates and wait for the next match. Thinking positively, since the World Cup started, I am doing overtime: whole day in the office and at night, World Cup duty :P. Now since it’s over, coming back to the reality is more saddening than ending of World Cup for next 4 years L

Anyway, Congratulation Germany! A well deserved victory J 

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