Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hopeful Nepal

One of my long lost friends messaged me after this dreadful Earthquake. He wrote 'It is difficult to comprehend the scale of the devastation but does make everyone realise how things can change suddenly'. He is so right! Imagine the night before the disaster, who would have thought that their world will change completely right after that day. It is terrifying. 

It's devastating when I think about it over and over but when I look at the unity of Nepalese people around the world, its amazing. I wonder why they don't behave like this other time. Everyone is doing the best they can to help. Since the very day, people have started raising funds and people who have survived the disaster have traveled long hours to reach to the disadvantaged people with foods and tents. Outside Nepal, people who have never met each other before are also working together to raise the fund. I had never seen this much unity before, not even among Nepalese. Forget the government now. This is the crisis time, and we all have to work together. You cannot blame the government all the time. You cannot sit and wait for the government to do everything for you. As a citizen, you also have a responsibility to act in this crisis. 

I feel so proud to see our new generation doing their best to save the country! They are hurt when people are hurt, they are hungry when people are hungry. Their selfless volunteering work has given everyone a hope that they are surely going to turn Nepal into 'New Nepal' that everyone has been chanting for long time. 

Stay strong Nepal and Nepalese, we will be there soon!

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