Sunday, 3 May 2015

Terror of the Nepal Earthquake

Since the earthquake, I have been restless. It's heartbreaking to see my country being destroyed in a minute. Being outside the country, apart from calling relatives and friends frequently, and consulting them, the only things we can do are donating and fundraising. Oh, the other thing we can do is, refresh BBC news, check Facebook/Twitter updates from people living in Nepal. Depressing news and photos were all over the place. Some were good, for example, people were rescued alive but most of other news were heartbreaking. There was always a guilt for not doing enough but sitting around waiting for next updates, but what can I do? I have donated, fund-raised, made sure all the relatives and friends are fine. Now, what else can I do from here?

At the same time, most people living abroad were complaining that their donation has been corrupted and people in Nepal are not doing good job. I also met few people who were reluctant to donate just because of this. I do sometime worry that our donation might not reach to the needed people. We sit here worrying about our donation being corrupted, blaming survivors in Nepal for not doing good job but guys, its easy to blame. This is not the right time to argue or blame others. This is the time we all should do something. Our main focus now is to make people out of danger. Rumour has it that PM relief fund as well as other funding organisations are also corrupted. It may be true or not but that doesn't mean you stop donating just because you think your donation will be corrupted. Either you go there yourself and work without corruption, or have some degree of trust on other people. Imagine yourself in the place of those affected people. How would you feel if you know that people are not donating because they think their money is being corrupted. Fair enough we all know our government but we will deal with them later but important thing now is to save lives. Let people corrupt your money. May be they need money more than quake victims. At least we can do is raise enough fund so that there is enough left for victims even after corruption.

Some people said, we are lucky because we were not in Nepal at that time but I think lucky people are those who were there and survived. Although I know what they are going through can never be judged, I regretted for not being there when I was needed the most. At some point I wished I were a doctor and then I would have gone there definitely. I regretted for not being a doctor. I feel helpless here. Still as an Engineer, I hope one day, I can be an asset to my county. I hope one day, I can make up for not being there now. One day.....

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