Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Nepal Constitution 2015

First of all, congratulation to all 'pro constitution' Nepalese for the new constitution. It's such a shame that even though we waited for this moment for such a long time, our people are still not happy. Ok, I get it, the constitution is not perfect but at least we have it. Actually, I am not happy about the constitution myself but adopting violence demonstration and killing people will only make the things worse. 

My friend and I had a long debate about this constitution months ago. When they were thinking about making 3 or 6 federal states, I thought 'Aren't they wasting time in doing that? We already have 5 development regions, why can't we convert those regions into states if making states is the must'. My friend's argument was that there is no power in those regions. Now the problem is, making new states provoked the boundary problems. It doesn't make sense to separate the states according to ethnic groups. That way we have to make Nepal more than 100 pieces. Its even more unrealistic to make it Hindu rastra. I don't even understand why it was in an agenda in the first place. On the other hand, Madhesi and Tharus want separate states and their argument is that they get dominated by pahadi people. My friend thinks that is understandable but I think getting separate state is not going to solve the problem they are having. We had lots of verbal argument and at some point I remembered the famous picture of our politicians picking up the chairs to throw in sambhidan bhawan, and I wanted to do the same on him. If you don't know what I am talking about, be my guest here. Then I suddenly realised why it must have happened in the first place. This is the friend who has so much in common with me. Just imagine if we can argue, we are talking about mindsets of more than 30 million Nepalese people. There is bound to be disagreement. Here my argument is, as much as Terai basi think their problem is major, every ethnic group will come up with something. For example, I come from an ethnic group whose identity was known to only few people until a decade ago. Why can't we raise this point and demand a separate state? This doesn't mean I intend to do it. I am just saying ethnic states is not practical and God only knows what happens to all those inter-caste marriages.

We shouldn't forgot that this instability will only show international vulnerability and destruct economic and innocent lives further. Everyday hearing news about disagreement and demonstration, I wondered what happened to all those 'coming together, working together slogan' during Earthquake? Should there be another Earthquake to settle this down? 

I worry about politicians too. If they don't do anything, we say they are not doing anything. If they do something, we demonstrate. What are those poor politicians supposed to do? They can't make everyone happy. This is the lesson I learnt when I organised Fundraising programme for Earthquake victims in Hannover. Then, some people accused me of doing this just for fame. WHAT THE HELL!!! You will not believe it when I say there was a long discussion and argument about this. There were people who supported and there were people who questioned but obviously there were more supporters than otherwise. Then I realised that even if you do good things, not everyone is happy. Still we managed to raise decent amount of money and the programme was successful.

So, people, at least we have our constitution now. We have been through a lot. Can we just celebrate what we have now?

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