Saturday, 20 September 2014

Tell me your dreams by Sidney Sheldon

My Review: 3/5

WARNING: If you haven't read this book yet and want to read it, please do not read this review. I am going to bring the suspense out. Only read this review after you have finished reading the book. 

Honestly, I don't know whether I liked this book or not. The book is divided into 3 parts: the first part explains the problem of the main character, Ashley Patterson, who is the victim of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). Ashley is accused of murdering 5 men but she doesn’t even know 3 of them. The case goes to the court, which becomes the book’s second part. A lawyer called David, defends Ashley. David is shown as hero here. Actually, the first 2 parts are jaw dropping. I really liked it. Then comes the third part, where the suspense is out and this is where my disappointment lies. So, it turns out that the cause of Ashley’s MPD were actually her parents. Her father was sexually abusing her since 6 years of old and her mother never liked her. She was always criticising Ashley. To protect herself from this situation, her alter ego, Toni Prescott was born. Still, her father continues it and to be able to cope with the suffering, another alter ego, Alette Peters was born. Since then, every time Ashley comes close to a guy, her alter ego Toni takes over and she kills the guy. What I don't understand is, why wasn't the father killed in the first place? I totally didn't get that. 

Friday, 12 September 2014

The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins

My Review: 1/5

I am sure an author is talented but this book is definitely not my cup of tea. Feeling bit bad to say but this is probably one of the most boring books I have read so far. I guess I am just so much used to Sidney Sheldon's fast and adventurous story. 

The author thought a good story though. It is the story of a British guy called Tom Barlow. He goes to USA for some family reason and falls in love with a single mother called Melissa who has one son, Charlie. They get engaged but before they could get married, Melissa dies in an accident. Since Tom is so much attached to his unofficial stepson, he wants to settle down in USA but he has a problem now, his visa is running out and his work place is not renewing it. And listen to this, this Tom guy is a dream man. A mechanical Engineering graduate from Manchester University, has a british accent, has a killer smile, has license to fly airplanes, has a good heart, makes dinner for his girl and the Manchester United supporter! Where do girls find guys like him? huh?

Honor Holland, an american on the other hand is a middle-aged woman who runs a family business. She has just been rejected by her long term so called boyfriend. Since she is 35 years old, she is worried that if she is later than this, she might not be able to give birth. So she is desperate to get married.

Somehow they manage to meet and hearing Tom's sad story, Honor agrees to help him by doing fake marriage (hoping that they might eventually end up getting married in real and she could have children soon). 

Story sounds good right? but WTH!! There was no excitement in the story at all. The most annoying part was Honor has a dog as a pet. It may be because I am not an animal person that I found it just too much to have that dog everywhere. It was pain to digest. All that dog was doing was biting Tom, running here and there, sitting on Honor's lap, peeing in the pond. That Charlie was another annoying creature. Since Tom was running after Charlie even though Charlie hated him, I started finding Tom annoying too and towards the end, every character was annoying. Seriously, I was bored to death. 

It was like a torture for me to read this book and it took so long to finish but when I finished, it was like a mission accomplished. Now, I want Sidney Sheldon again my God!