Monday, 18 May 2015

Are You Afraid of Dark? by Sidney Sheldon

My Review: 3/5

Four men across the world: Berlin, Paris, New York and Denver have been murdered. The only connection between those four people were, they worked in the same company: Kingsley International Group. Immediately after they were murdered, their partners' lives are also in danger. However, Diane Stevens and Kelly Harris, widows of two of four victims manage to outwit the murderers. Now, they have to save their lives and find out the motive behind their husbands' death at the same time. They run for their lives until the murderers get caught up in their own trap. 

Not the best book but it was quick and fun to read. The story is very simple and predictable but it is all you need for a quick weekend gateway into the world of books. Sidney is definitely one of the best story tellers :). 

Friday, 15 May 2015

Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon

My Review: 4/5

All his life, Jamie has only one ambition; to be able to buy every good thing he and his family desire. In a hope of becoming rich, Jamie travels to Klipdrift, South Africa from Scotland in search for diamond. Initially, he gets tricked by his own to be father-in-law, Salomon Van Der Merwe but as faith would have it, he comes back stronger, boiled in vengeance. As he starts destroying Salomon, he becomes richer and richer every day and eventually forms a company, Kruger-Brent Ltd. 

Kate and David:
After an unfortunate and sudden death of Jamie, it's his wife, Margaret who takes over the company. His daughter, Kate grows up seeing her mother working so hard. The work ethic her mother showed makes a huge impression in her life and because of that, she loves the company from the very early age. Although it was her father, Jamie who created the Kruger-Brent, it is Kate who has all the determination to create a dynasty. All her life, Kate has only one thing on her mind: the Kruger-Brent. It gives her everything: money, fame, life style, life satisfaction and love of her life, David. 

The problem occurs when Kate's own son, Tony has no interest on working for Kruger-Brent. He wants to paint and lives the life away from his mother's limelight but things doesn't go well for him. Kate is desperate to find someone reliable to pass the company after her but after Tony steps down, her next hopes are Tony's beautiful twins daughters: Eve and Alexandra.

Eve and Alexandra: 
The eldest twin, Eve is evil and wants to destroy Alexandra since she looks like her and is half heir to Kruger-Brent. Eve is shown making plans to kill Alexandra over and over but on the other hand, Alexandra is shown adoring and supporting Eve. As someone says there is 'Karma', it is the goodness that wins at the end. 

Overall, a magnificent book by Sidney Sheldon about courage, revenge, love and betrayal that runs for 5 generations of one family. Everyone has their own life and story but there is one common thing between them that determines their faith: Kruger-Brent. 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hopeful Nepal

One of my long lost friends messaged me after this dreadful Earthquake. He wrote 'It is difficult to comprehend the scale of the devastation but does make everyone realise how things can change suddenly'. He is so right! Imagine the night before the disaster, who would have thought that their world will change completely right after that day. It is terrifying. 

It's devastating when I think about it over and over but when I look at the unity of Nepalese people around the world, its amazing. I wonder why they don't behave like this other time. Everyone is doing the best they can to help. Since the very day, people have started raising funds and people who have survived the disaster have traveled long hours to reach to the disadvantaged people with foods and tents. Outside Nepal, people who have never met each other before are also working together to raise the fund. I had never seen this much unity before, not even among Nepalese. Forget the government now. This is the crisis time, and we all have to work together. You cannot blame the government all the time. You cannot sit and wait for the government to do everything for you. As a citizen, you also have a responsibility to act in this crisis. 

I feel so proud to see our new generation doing their best to save the country! They are hurt when people are hurt, they are hungry when people are hungry. Their selfless volunteering work has given everyone a hope that they are surely going to turn Nepal into 'New Nepal' that everyone has been chanting for long time. 

Stay strong Nepal and Nepalese, we will be there soon!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Terror of the Nepal Earthquake

Since the earthquake, I have been restless. It's heartbreaking to see my country being destroyed in a minute. Being outside the country, apart from calling relatives and friends frequently, and consulting them, the only things we can do are donating and fundraising. Oh, the other thing we can do is, refresh BBC news, check Facebook/Twitter updates from people living in Nepal. Depressing news and photos were all over the place. Some were good, for example, people were rescued alive but most of other news were heartbreaking. There was always a guilt for not doing enough but sitting around waiting for next updates, but what can I do? I have donated, fund-raised, made sure all the relatives and friends are fine. Now, what else can I do from here?

At the same time, most people living abroad were complaining that their donation has been corrupted and people in Nepal are not doing good job. I also met few people who were reluctant to donate just because of this. I do sometime worry that our donation might not reach to the needed people. We sit here worrying about our donation being corrupted, blaming survivors in Nepal for not doing good job but guys, its easy to blame. This is not the right time to argue or blame others. This is the time we all should do something. Our main focus now is to make people out of danger. Rumour has it that PM relief fund as well as other funding organisations are also corrupted. It may be true or not but that doesn't mean you stop donating just because you think your donation will be corrupted. Either you go there yourself and work without corruption, or have some degree of trust on other people. Imagine yourself in the place of those affected people. How would you feel if you know that people are not donating because they think their money is being corrupted. Fair enough we all know our government but we will deal with them later but important thing now is to save lives. Let people corrupt your money. May be they need money more than quake victims. At least we can do is raise enough fund so that there is enough left for victims even after corruption.

Some people said, we are lucky because we were not in Nepal at that time but I think lucky people are those who were there and survived. Although I know what they are going through can never be judged, I regretted for not being there when I was needed the most. At some point I wished I were a doctor and then I would have gone there definitely. I regretted for not being a doctor. I feel helpless here. Still as an Engineer, I hope one day, I can be an asset to my county. I hope one day, I can make up for not being there now. One day.....