Friday, 15 May 2015

Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon

My Review: 4/5

All his life, Jamie has only one ambition; to be able to buy every good thing he and his family desire. In a hope of becoming rich, Jamie travels to Klipdrift, South Africa from Scotland in search for diamond. Initially, he gets tricked by his own to be father-in-law, Salomon Van Der Merwe but as faith would have it, he comes back stronger, boiled in vengeance. As he starts destroying Salomon, he becomes richer and richer every day and eventually forms a company, Kruger-Brent Ltd. 

Kate and David:
After an unfortunate and sudden death of Jamie, it's his wife, Margaret who takes over the company. His daughter, Kate grows up seeing her mother working so hard. The work ethic her mother showed makes a huge impression in her life and because of that, she loves the company from the very early age. Although it was her father, Jamie who created the Kruger-Brent, it is Kate who has all the determination to create a dynasty. All her life, Kate has only one thing on her mind: the Kruger-Brent. It gives her everything: money, fame, life style, life satisfaction and love of her life, David. 

The problem occurs when Kate's own son, Tony has no interest on working for Kruger-Brent. He wants to paint and lives the life away from his mother's limelight but things doesn't go well for him. Kate is desperate to find someone reliable to pass the company after her but after Tony steps down, her next hopes are Tony's beautiful twins daughters: Eve and Alexandra.

Eve and Alexandra: 
The eldest twin, Eve is evil and wants to destroy Alexandra since she looks like her and is half heir to Kruger-Brent. Eve is shown making plans to kill Alexandra over and over but on the other hand, Alexandra is shown adoring and supporting Eve. As someone says there is 'Karma', it is the goodness that wins at the end. 

Overall, a magnificent book by Sidney Sheldon about courage, revenge, love and betrayal that runs for 5 generations of one family. Everyone has their own life and story but there is one common thing between them that determines their faith: Kruger-Brent. 

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