Sunday, 22 March 2015

At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks

                                                   My Review: 1/5

*Warning: Contains Spoilers*
Normally, I like Nicholas Sparks' books but WTH happened here? Seriously, I am tired of reading tragic deaths of Mr Sparks' characters in his novels. 

This book is the sequel of the True Believer. Now, I am guessing that he decided to write this book because he didn't kill anyone in its prequel and may be he was feeling really uncomfortable about that. So, decided to write this book just to kill someone. I never liked True believer anyway but I thought may be this one will be good. Once again, I was wrong.

The story made no sense to me. The characters Jeremy Marsh and Lexie Darnell were really annoying. Actually, Lexie was even more annoying. Within one week of meeting, Lexie becomes pregnant and they decide to get married. One thing that was beyond annoying was, Jeremy sacrificed so much for Lexie. He left his town, family and friends, and moved to her place to be with her. Even his career is in danger. He is so much in love with her that he gave her everything she wanted but she kept lying to him. It turns out that in the past, she dated a guy called Rodney, who is now dating Lexie's best friend, Rachel. Rodney and Rachel are having problem because Rachel thinks that Rodney is not over Lexie yet. Do you want to know what Lexie does to solve this problem? She meets Rodney alone and holds his hands. Another time, she goes to his house alone to consult with him. For God shake Lexie, you are Rachel's best friend, not Rodney's. You should be comforting her, not spend time alone with Rodney. Even when Jeremy asked Lexie about sneaking out to meet Rodney, she blames him instead saying he is the reason that she has to sneak out. Oh, my holy God! I think if I was Jeremy, I would have slapped her hard and left her immediately. Who actually holds hands with their ex-boyfriend and still have guts to say she was comforting him because he is having problem with his girlfriend (who is actually her best friend)? C'mon, get some sense! What is more annoying is she doesn't tell Jeremy what she is being doing on his back. I just can't believe that Rachel still agreed to become her bridesmaid after all those dramas. Jeremy's best friend, Alvin keeps warning Jeremy that he is rushing into this marriage but as a result, Alvin gets removed out of their life completely. If I was Alvin, I would have said the same thing.  

So, despite everything, Jeremy is still by Lexie's side and they have the best possible wedding. Up to that crappy drama, 50% of the book is done and now, Nicholas Sparks introduces something that will end the story tragically. So, he chooses Jeremy and Lexie's unborn baby. It occurs that the unborn baby suffers from Amniotic Band Syndrome. So that mean, the baby may die unborn or even if she is born, she will be handicapped. There is very little chance of going everything alright. After uncountable visit to hospitals regarding this problem and too much tensions and stresses, shall I tell you what happens at the end? That baby is born perfectly alright but Lexie dies in giving birth. 
Nicholas Sparks clearly wanted to make it heart breaking story and may be hoping to bring some tears on his fans' eyes but this didn't work on me. I was rather so annoyed at the end that I just wanted to get drunk and pass out for a while (and I hate drinking). The funnier thing is, if you haven't read True Believer, you won't understand how the story started and most of the time, you end up frowning. I have read True believer but still it was a torture for me. Huge disappointment indeed!! 

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