Thursday, 19 September 2013

Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon

My Review: 5/5 
I love this book. Once this book was on my hand, I didn’t want to put it away. It was with me days and nights. I felt asleep reading it and in the morning, I would still find it, with page turned on where I left before involuntarily closing my eyes. This is the first book of Sidney Sheldon that made me cry. Once I started reading it, I was so deeply engrossed in it that I frequently lost the track of what’s happening around me. I wanted to finish it so quickly but at the same time, wished it would never be finished. At some point, I just wished I were alone with this book. 

Another masterpiece of Sidney Sheldon; This is the story of Jennifer Parker, a lady with beauty and brain, who falls in love with two men from completely different background. One is the highly rated upcoming candidate of US president and another, the boss of the most powerful mafia organisation in the world. The story emphasizes on how Jennifer struggles around the strategized maze of vengeance, politics, love and crime. Jennifer faces injustice and betrayal that forces her to choose the path she didn’t want to. The part of her raising her son without his father knowing he ever had son with her is very emotional. Great finishing and attention to detail is mind blowing. 
I highly recommend this book to everyone. I definitely know that whenever I am alone and quiet, and its raining outside, I will be staring out of my window, with coffee in one hand and this book in another; refreshing each detail of the story, that has left enormous impact in my heart and brain.