Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Fifty shades of Grey by EL James

My Review: 1/5
From: PC
Subject: Why I give your book 1/5 
Date: February 4 2015 11:55
To: E L James

Madam, I can't actually believe people write these kind of books and more interestingly, people do read it and like it. Oh well, what can people do? They have to read it (like me) once its out in the market.

So Madam, let me clarify my disappointment about this book. The book is full of sex. Was it meant to be a 'Kamasutra' book? I should have read the reviews before.

Other thing I don't understand is why Mr Grey is the way he is? Why does he have to punish the girls? Why he couldn't be a normal boyfriend for Ana? How come we readers are not informed about his strange past? Wish there were better things. Wish the book was nicely written. I have to confess here, it was as boring as hell. Oh, the ending, My God! could it be more confusing and dull? and I hate it when the ending is like this, like keeping it for the next series. This is what people want to read? Bless them!

Once, I used to wish to read every book that has been published but now, I am having a second thought. May be we don't have to read everything. If books are coming out like this then I should change my hobby from reading to something else. The book was very uninteresting and boring. Mr Grey was as annoying as hell but boy, he surely knows how to pamper his girl but why so harsh in loving though? Anyway, this so called book written about Mr Grey and Ana is full of shit and just reading it was very tiring for me. I decided to take a week break from reading after I finished this book. It did provoke me to listen to spem in alium the 40 part motet by thomas tallis though. The music is great. I give credit there.

PS. I have this bad habit that once I start a book, I have to finish it no matter how bad it is but my inner goddess says don't read the 2nd and 3rd series. Oh hell, who was going to?

PC x

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