Tuesday, 22 April 2014

It's not David Moyes who failed but Sir Alex!

I thought I won’t write anymore post about Premier League this season but situation changes. Especially when time like this, I can’t do any work but refresh twitter and BBC news frequently.

Last few days, I didn’t have proper access to internet. I couldn't watch United's match against Everton. So, I asked my friend to watch it and update me. He told me- 'It’s good you didn’t watch. United played really badly'. I couldn’t imagine how bad they could go from the last game I remember. 

Again yesterday, I got another message from my friend. He wrote -' Good news for you. Moyes is out of the club'. 

Actually, I don't consider "Moyes leaving United" a good news. My Professor has one saying- ‘If a student fails, it’s a mistake of a supervisor’. I feel exactly same here. I see mistake in Sir Alex’s decision. For a normal job, when a company hires a new employee, they don’t only check a person's experience but also whether that person’s skills and his style of working are compatible to the company’s Motto. David Moyes may have been brilliant manager for Everton but he couldn’t last for United because these are two different companies. Although they make same product, it’s other things that differentiate their position in league. Moyes didn’t come to United to destroy them. It was certainly not his intention. He worked very hard to keep the club up to the standard but its really difficult to replace someone like Sir Alex. When all the United fans were cursing him and all the fans from the opponent teams were laughing at him, I was still supporting him and I still think he should have been given until end of the season. After all, he is so called ‘The chosen one’.

I also believe that Moyes was being really unlucky. First, Van Persie and Rooney both got injured and strikers like Welbeck and Januzaj replaced them who were on bench most of the time during Sir Alex’s time. That’s the one mistake Sir Alex did. He should have promoted young players more. I couldn’t help thinking if all the players were fit to play, may be we would have at least ended up in top 4. On the other hand, I think people demotivated him too much. When they lost, they cursed him but when they won, players took all the credits. That job must be really difficult. There were numerous speculations that 'Rooney wants to leave', 'Van Persie wants to leave' 'Players don’t like Moyes' etc etc. We still don’t know what exactly happened in between the closed walls but in every interview, players and manager claimed everything is all right but from the way they played, someone would be stupid to believe their claim.

Someone would say, 'nothing will happen by giving him time until end of the season as we have already seen enough of him' but nothing will happen by firing him now. It’s just 4 matches to go and looking at how other teams are playing, I think 7th position is the best United can get this season. May be United is scared that they might slip down from 7th too. 

So Moyes, as I have always supported you, I still say you have worked very hard for this club. You certainly deserve to be treated well. So hope you end up somewhere in good position where your skills and technique will be more compatible. Good Luck!

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