Saturday, 29 March 2014


Manchester United 0-3 Manchester City 

Belated post........

Was that really Manchester Derby?

Sometimes while watching football, I get a feeling whether losing team ever think in the middle of the game- “that’s it! We can’t do it anymore”.

I never thought United players think like that until last Derby match. So many times in past, we have seen them coming from behind but this time, it was regretfully inconceivable. 

Manchester Derby is the most competitive and popular derby in English premier league. Not only there is a competition to become a king of the Manchester but to dominate the English football. Their level of competition has always made this derby even more enjoyable to watch.

Now things are not same anymore. Since United has no hope of getting into top four this season, the plan was to stop loud neighbours getting 3 points. Draw was something I was looking for. Honestly, looking at how United is performing, I didn’t think United would win anyway. 

So, it was a big rivalry night but United looked really vulnerable from the start. It looked like United has no more winning mentality. It was torture to watch them play like that. Around 80th minutes, I actually started feeling sorry for them.

During last 15 mintues of the game, I knew that was it. The game was over. Then fans started leaving even before the match finished. They were disappointed as me. As the supporters, we always want to see them working hard in the pitch no matter what but City totally controlled game and United looked totally lost. It looked like they didn’t want to play anymore. It was really embarrassing.

I have had enough of complaining and mourning about United players and their games. Still, I choose to disagree that was Manchester Derby game. That was definitely not what we know about it. 

All I can imagine was, Bayern Munich players thinking “This is who we playing next? Lets go to pub for pre-celebration."

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