Saturday, 8 March 2014

BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE: West Brom 0-3 Manchester United

Oh my beautiful God!

It was RVP’s left foot free kick and baby Phil Jones’ heading that opened luck for United today. I always knew Phil Jones is a great player and splendid defender. An asset for both United and England.

Actually, it was hard to spot Van Persie in the pitch before the first goal. He was nowhere to be seen around the goal post (his usual place) and the way he was playing was as if someone had forced him to do that job. Utterly awkward to see him like that. I couldn’t help but wonder if the recent speculation about him losing interest in Old Trafford was true. Then came first yellow card for him. Again, he was close to getting second one. This time, Moyes didn’t want to gamble anymore. He thought it’s better to replace him rather than wait for probable distressful outcome that could make the team down to 10 men. If Chicharito wasn’t injured, he could have been an easy substitute for Van Persie and I knew if Van Persie was going out, Welbeck would come in which I didn’t want. And you know what? My prediction was right. Van Persie was out and Welcome Welbeck!

Van Persie should have been replaced immediately with Valencia but Moyes took time to decide. With Valencia in, Rooney could have taken Van Persie’s place and Mata to Rooney’s, and then Valencia to Mata’s. That’s what I would have done if I were Moyes. However, I kind of understand why Moyes prolonged the decision. United had to get this 3 points anyhow today and without Van Persie, it is mostly impossible.

I seriously didn’t understand what Fellaini was doing there. Kagawa would have been lot better than him but Moyes at some point have to prove that he did right by bringing him all the way from Everton. Still it was good to see Kagawa playing later on.

Anyway, lets not mourn much today. As long as they score, that’s all it matters. Then came a brilliant heading by our highest paid player, Rooney. Thank you Rafael for the great pass. That’s all we care about at the moment. Then Welbeck scored, making it 0-3 :D. So now, I take back all I said earlier. He proved to be a good choice after all.

Final remarks- Defenders did great job today whereas passing between the players still needs improvement. De Gea calmly made few great saves and it’s graceful to see Mata adapting into the team so well giving an indication that he always belonged here. It was hard to choose man of the match today. Mata, Carrick, Rooney or Phil Jones. It’s seriously hard. Let's just give credit to all of them.

So, that is Manchester United playing! That’s what we want to see.

Next week is another big and rivalry match against Liverpool. I would like to see few changes in today’s line up. Mata to left wing and Valencia to right wing, and please choose Kagawa over Fellaini.

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