Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks

My Review: 3/5

I liked it but it was a very uncomfortable read. I remember when I read Dear John, I was completely in love with the characters, John and Savannah. I was completely engrossed in the book as if Nicholas Sparks was telling my own story. A bend in the Road, however was different and I confess, as much as I was sympathetic towards the characters' situations, I didn't fall in love with them.  

It is the story about the true love and forgiveness. Miles Ryan, a local sheriff's life has turned into hell since his beloved wife, Missy was killed by hit-and-run vehicle. What is making Miles' life worst is, the driver of the vehicle is not known yet. Then he meets his 7 years old son's teacher Sarah Andrews, who has recently moved in the town after a terrible divorce. Through his son, Miles meets Sarah and before they know, they are in love. 

So far, story sounds good. Now, let me tell you what was the thing that was making me uncomfortable throughout the book. Miles, who was deeply and madly in love with his wife is not letting her memory go off. So, even when he is with Sarah, he is remembering her, talking about her. I understand he wants to find the killer but thinking about Sarah, poor girl was not even getting a full attention from him. When I think about Sarah, I go like 'Who would want a guy like that?' but when I think about Missy, I go like 'Awww, he is so cute. Missy was so lucky :D'. Anyway, this is a girl talking but whenever I read Nicholas Sparks, I keep wondering "Are there really guys out there who would love one girl forever?" All of his male characters are like this :). Anyway going back to being uncomfortable, so throughout the whole book, Missy is remembered but he is dating Sarah. Obviously he wants to move on. He wants to find someone new but seriously, it was just too much. I felt really sorry for Sarah. Oh! by the way, the book was quite predictable as well. The killer is kept suspense until last minute but before half way through I knew who the killer was. Not many characters in the book. So, it was an easy guess. Anyway, one thing is for sure, Nicholas Sparks certainly knows how to describe love.

Here is my favourite paragraph from the book:
'We used to spend hours just talking about everything, or about nothing. It didn't really matter. She loved books and she used to tell me all the stories she was reading, and she could do it in a way that made me want to read them, too. I remember she used to read in bed and sometimes I'd wake up in the middle of the night and she'd be sound asleep with the book on the end table with her reading light still on'.

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