Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Memoirs of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon

My Review: 1/5

Very disappointing that book was!

A typical Sidney Sheldon book about love, revenge and jealousy but I hate to say this book didn't live up to my expectation and author's reputation. More than anything, I definitely didn’t like the ending at all. 

It starts off interestingly with a girl who has a mysterious past. I thought Sidney did it again. The interesting thing about this book is, you have to read it till the end to know how bad it is. I was completely glued to this book just to be disappointed at the end. 

Constantin Demiris (known as Costa) is eager to get a revenge on Catherine (our female character) after her ex-husband (Larry) nicked Costa's mistress (Noelle). He had framed both Larry and Noelle for killing Catherine and because of that, they were executed. Now he is determined to kill Catherine but before that, he wants to do the same thing to her that Larry did to Noelle but in revenge way. Then he starts treating Catherine like a princess claiming to be her ex-husband's boss, and she blindly follows him without any question. And OMG! she is super boring and crying all the time. I have read almost all of Sidney's books but never found a woman like her. All of the sudden he decided to make the woman the weakest character. 

Finally Catherine finds out that Costa is behind all her trouble and he is the one who killed her husband. I thought then bang!! Now something interesting is going to happen. Now she will do something. Now she will be real Sidney's heroine that we have always known but NO!!! Nothing happened there. They didn’t even encounter and the climax of the story is something surprising but in disappointing way. 

But this is Sidney Sheldon. It’s his writing. He can make black white and white black. He has that magic to glue his readers to his books. So, I was there reading anxiously that something good will come up. The one thing that kept me reading was I wanted to find out what Melina Lambrou (Costa's wife) was going to do to her husband, after everything he put her through. What she did was expected and clever but her stupid brother ruined it. What I don’t understand is how come Sypros Lambrou saves Costa from going to jail after knowing that he is the main reason for his beloved sister's death. Obviously there is wealth involved and Sypros got greedy. This was totally displeasing. Why Sidney?? Why Why Why?? My heart goes out to Melina. I am probably reading too much of Sidney's book. I guess I need a break!

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