Sunday, 1 May 2016

Premier League: Manchester United 1-1 Leicester City

'Hopefully Man United can do us a favour.' Ok, first of all who does the favour here? No one is sitting here saying 'I have to beat you so that other team can win the title'. Nobody thinks about others here. It’s a competition for God's sake. It was really unnatural comment to make and when I read it, I was like 'Are you out of your mind?'. Anyway, that is what happened few days ago but what I want to write today is mainly about what happened today. I was desperately waiting for this match since last week. It was a moment of truth, moment of history and a huge contribution to the Premier League. So, just before the game started, I decided I will be happy whoever wins but huge part of me wanted Leicester City to win. While I write this, I am already imagining all United fans giving me 'WTH' look and throwing tomatoes at me. 

Now you all are probably thinking a fan like me has no place in United membership and it’s all my fault that United didn't win but before you start cursing, judging, buying tomatoes just to throw at me and kicking me out of the fan club, let me make my points clear.

As a United fan, I certainly wanted them to win as always but as a football fan, I really wanted Leicester to win. I know there is a matter of top 4 and Van Gaal's job security but look at the other side. Leicester city wining Premier League is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to EPL and somehow I wanted that to happen in Old Trafford. I wanted United and us to be the part of their win. I mean of course they can still win the title and we can still be in top 4 but after waiting desperately for a week and being restless since morning, all I get is a draw? This is not fair. I was really disappointed after the match. How difficult was it to score one more? I was so disappointed that I wanted them to replay this game. I am not going to accept draw here. 

Only if it was possible to take this case to the court. I was actually going through this scene in my mind, what if it can really happen in real? How would I defend my case? I went through it again and again in my mind. First of all I imagined all fans from both teams supporting me. Then I imagined all other teams including officials of EPL going against me. Now the case was getting tough. Then I would make a huge group of pro teams and give them speech everyday why this game should be replayed. The case would finally reach to the court. I was not scared because I had huge supporters. Finally the case ended after a long battle and obviously in my favour :). Then they decided to replay in Old Traford. Then what happened after that, I didn't get to finish my imagination. My friend sent me a message 'United neither wins nor let others win'. He was supporting Leicester too. Here you go, another one in my team :).

Anyway, the game was really tensed. Both teams were in huge pressure to win and that was making them more nervous. Towards final 10 minutes, it was like one of those times in exams where you have final 5 minutes to write and you just write whatever, hoping to get some points. Anyway, my whole excitement is gone now and I feel so empty. Looking forward to tomorrow's Chelsea vs Tottenham.