Wednesday, 12 February 2014

BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE: Arsenal 0-0 Manchester United

Although this was not the top of the table clash, it is one of the games that not only fans but also players wait desperately. Manchester United and Arsenal have a long history of rivalry and when there is a feeling of strong rivalry, games become enjoyable no matter what. The highlight of show was Van Persie, who has a record of scoring from both sides. Since he joined United, he has scored in all games they played against Arsenal. So, he was expected to scored this time as well but since Manchester United haven’t managed to give quality games this season and Arsenal’s embarrassing 5-1 defeat to Liverpool last weekend, people were actually confused on whose favour the result will be this time. At least I expected Van Persie to score. Oh I know what happened! He couldn’t score because he was booed when his name was announced at the start of the game. Arsenal people still haven’t forgiven him for leaving them for Manchester United. C’mon people! You cannot expect players to retire in one club. Its his choice what he wants to do (Just like Ronaldo left Manchester United for Real Madrid). If he wants to change the club, learn new skills, work with new people and move on, that’s his choice. You all should respect his decision. You should admire player’s skills not the club’s trophies.

So that’s enough mourning. Lets review a game. Arsenal is pretty difficult club to beat especially this year when United is degrading and Arsenal is upgrading. Although United played better than few of their last games, I actually found this game quite boring (considering its Arsenal vs Manchester United). As strong as their rivalry is, the game used to be so exciting to watch. I guess draw was expected. I have actually reached to the stage where draw is like a win for me. However, I must admit United’s defending was magnificent today. I have always complained about their defence but today, they were playing like reigning kings. Vidic was very noticeable. Actually, even Carrick, Rooney and Valencia were seen defending and it was very clear that players were more focused on defending. Van Persie got few amazing chances but he couldn’t find net for himself. Attacking side was still bit weak today but we shouldn’t forget Goalkeepers did great job too. Both of them were so alert, active and defending. Juan Mata played from left wing but he wasn’t really noticeable this time. The team is still lacking some serious management plan. It looks like the whole team has to be reorganised and the players have to focus on what their part is. Sigh! 12 games left but wait! I actually forgot- “when was the last time United won?”

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