Saturday, 1 February 2014

BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE- Stoke City 2-1 Manchester United

I was excited for the match since morning. Rooney and Van Perise started together after a long gap, and with Juan Mata (Manchester United's most expensive player ever) starting again, I was somehow confident that United will win and was already calculating what their position would be in league table if Everton and Tottenham lose.

After seeing the line up, the first question I asked was, ‘Why is Juan Mata on right wing and Ashley Young on left?’ because Mata’s left foot strength is more popular than right and Ashley is by default right winger. Apart from that, I was pretty much happy with the line up. However, the match didn’t go as expected. In first 10 minutes, Evans got injured and was replaced by Rafael. The worse nightmare came when Phil Jones got injured just before half-time and was taken off from the ground in stretcher, and was replaced by Danny Welbeck. Now, I am not sure that was a good decision. Welbeck then took over Rooney’s place. Rooney was sent down to Carrick’s and Carrick down to defence. Whole line up was changed. I was wondering where Darren Fletcher was during that time. Bringing him in would have made everything much better.

I don’t know why but from the beginning, the players were not seen that confident. They looked like they came straight down to the field from bed. There wasn't much of coordination between them too. In fact, with players being confused at where to play, passes were generally inaccurate. The whole line up was messed up. No wonder why people blame Moyes. I have always backed him up but today; it wasn’t hard to spot the stupid decisions he made. The fact too many players were injured disrupted the game too much, and added time was unusually 6 minutes before half time and 7 minutes before full time whistle (not sure its good news or bad).

So, congratulation Stoke City for your first win over Man United in 30 years. Looks like this season is all about breaking records.

Lets blame the windy day, shall we?

Still sitting in 7th position of Premier League table, lets wait and see where the future lies in next 14 games.