Saturday, 20 June 2015

Forget Kathmandu by Majnushree Thapa

My Review: 3.5/5
It can be a great book for someone who is interested in the history of Nepal. The Shah dynasties that ended dishearteningly (more or less) with Royal massacre, the Maoist insufficiency, ups and down of Nepalese democracy, and never ending corruption; everything is explained along with the writer's personal experience . I actually found that part very interesting and I am not hesitating to say, I will read that part of this book again. 

Later part of the book, it looks like a travel diary of the writer after the peace talk when she visits badly affected places from the Nepalese civil war. During that tour, she talks to many people including some Maoists and she concludes that the only people who favoured Maoist parties are the Maoist themselves. Non-Maoist people were happy that the war ended. It sought to be interesting but I kind of found it boring. More than the context, I think it was the way of writing. Mostly, the words and sentences she used were making me sleepy.  

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