Monday, 11 January 2016

Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark by Tilly Bagshawe

My Review:1/5

Please don't let me hate her, Please don't let me hate her! I was saying this throughout the book and you know what, I do hate her now. 

Four men in different countries are murdered within 10 years time. The only common things about those men are, they are all billionaires, are murdered in the same way and they all have a beautiful wife who is lot younger than them. Determined to find out about the mystery death of his biological father, a son (Matt Daley) of one of the victims gets obsessed about the case that has remained unsolved by the detectives. 

Now Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for some spoilers:

I have lots of questions to this author. Before that, to everyone (including me) who is complaining why she has written Sidney Sheldon's name on the cover, I read it somewhere that she wrote this book out of Mr. Sheldon's scrap notes after he died. Oh , well! This book should never have been written. I feel really bad to give 1 star here but dude, you and I have some business to sort out first-

1. So the whole point of killing was because those old men ignored their wives and children but for God's sake, David Ishag was not even married. He was the most illegible bachelor of India. 

2. And what happened to all the jewelry stolen from Andrew Jakes' place? 

3. And why are all the money going to Children charity? That is not clear and still why only Lisa didn't give money to charity?

4. And the biggest mystery of all, who killed Carlos Hernandez and why? :O

5. So it turned out that even after Francis is dead, there is a killing going on (Carlos). Is that mean Sophia is the murderer? Ok, I get it that she may have killed him just in case he spill out to police about her escape but that doesn't really prove anything about the previous murders. So, please tell me who is the murderer here?

Only if I hadn't read epilogue then I would have given at least 3 stars. Only if my kindle was lost before I had read epilogue or only if the writer had decided to stop writing just before epilogue began. Seriously, it was like one of those times when you go for beer party all the way up to the hill just to know you have forgotten to take the beer with you. That climax was not necessary by the way and it ruined the whole story, not even ruined, it made me hate the writer. There were just too many killings that I think in the middle, the writer herself lost the track of what she needs to focus on. There were too many characters that sometimes I had to re-read to know who I am reading about. I think she should have had less characters and have sorted them out better. It was really all over the place. God, Sidney, I know you are in heaven now but someone is making a mess down here in your name. 

And that stupid Matt, so smitten by lady's fake beauty abandons his pregnant wife. I mean isn't that the whole reason of killing those poor men? Does author want to show men never learn? Only if..... only if I hadn't read that last few pages. If the rumour is true about her writing this story out of Sidney's note, I would say she didn't really understand his handwriting. 

This is really annoying that you have more questions than satisfaction after finishing a book. It was a huge torture that after finishing it, I became really moody. Now, when I think about it, I am more angry thinking that my first book in New Year turned out like this. My God, I need some ice on my head now!

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