Saturday, 16 January 2016

Sidney Sheldon's The Tides of Memory by Tilly Bagshawe

'And somewhere far, far away from here, there is a man. A good man. A beautiful man in his own way. But she must not think about that man. Not now. Not today. She had found his presence comforting and pleasant. She wished she could bottle that feeling somehow, keep it to savor when she was alone, when the stresses of the present and horrors of the past became too much for her. But she feared, there are doors that, once closed, can't be opened again.'

Long time ago, I asked my friend to get me all the books by Sidney Sheldon. He bought me Frau Bagshawe's books too. Now since I have all her books, I can't ignore them even though I know they are not the ones I am looking for. 

Although I was very disappointed with her previous book, I decided to read her next book (just because I had finished all other books and I was still deciding what other books to buy from Amazon). So you can say this was my transition time while I make up my mind. Part of me told me I wanted to stop reading her in good term. I seriously hoped this book of her is better than the last one and would give me a 'permanent patch up' kind of feeling. 

Anyway, I didn't have a big hope from this book. It was one of those weekends when you just want to stay up whole night reading a book not having urge to wake up early next day. After hard weekdays, I want to forget everything else, be alone and dive into the world of books, which takes me to the different world I love. This time, I was more looking forward to spend quite weekend reading a book that actually makes sense. 

I am here to write a review, right? Well, let's get to the business then.

The way she writes, plots, characters, and all those phrases, the heartbeat racing faster than usual thinking what is coming next, the lost appetite thinking about the characters, the way they behave- everything is what I would expect to find in Sidney Sheldon's book. But there is something missing and I don't know what it is. It is like you go to see a girl for arranged marriage and she has everything you want but you don't find 'she is the one' kind of feeling. You don't marry her, right? This is how I feel to be honest although in this case, I won't say she has everything. 

Sidney also has some crappy books himself but let's not name those here. It would be unfair to compare her books with only the best of Sidney's. You know what? I totally get her. There are times when I felt 'Shit! I could have done better job putting everything together' and sometimes 'you know I could have done exactly same'. Reading a book gives me a satisfaction. I get angry if I don't read at least a single chapter a day no matter how busy I am. You cannot be with me and complain I am reading too much. God, am I out of track again? Ok, Ok, let's go back to book review.

Today, I was summarising this story to my friend. It was funny to summarise all the turns and twists and at some point I felt it was impossible to make people read this book from my point of view and I know I didn't give justice to this story and more than anything I am pretty sure he got confused too. God, what happened to my story telling ability? I am having exactly same difficulty here. I sat down to write a review but I don't know how to start. You know what, this review can wait. I will write it some other day. Time to start a new book :).

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