Saturday, 11 October 2014

A stranger in the mirror by Sidney Sheldon

My Review: 5/5
Mr. Sheldon does it again! Another breathtaking story about love, betrayal, vengeance and murder. This is bit different than his other books but I really enjoyed it.

Toby grew up with an idea that he was born to be famous. On the other hand, Jill grew up dreaming about being rich and beautiful. Soon, both realize that the only place that gives them what they want is Hollywood.

Both of them have to struggle to reach to the top. The part that describes their struggle is really heart touching. They have to lie, face humiliation, get rejected and sell their bodies until they get chance. Soon Toby becomes the superstar and the king of Hollywood but Jill is still struggling until one day they cross each other's path. Despite their age difference, they fall in love. Toby wants to marry Jill because she was the only girl who ever rejected him but Jill wants him because getting Toby's power is the only way to punish all the people who have used and rejected her.

They rise and rise as a Golden Couple of Hollywood until the love turns into betrayal and betrayal influences vengeance. The hounding carries on until they come together again, and until their love story is written forever by the stars that are only visible to soft night wind and the timeless sea.

Sidney Sheldon gets 5 out of 5 again from me.

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