Monday, 13 October 2014

Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon

My Review: 2/5
The story starts with the death of Sam Roffe that is thought to be an accident. He is the director of the world's biggest pharmaceutical company, founded and established by his great grandfather, Samuel Roffe. There are three main rules of the company:

1. Its stocks cannot be sold to outsiders.  
2. Only family members are allowed to be the board members. 
3. The director has the controlling stock.

The company is a global success until all the board members are desperately in need of money. They try to pursue Sam to sell the stocks but Sam following his great grandfather's footsteps doesn't agree to sell it. Then someone from board members deliberately tries to bring the company into bankruptcy so that company would go to public and he or she could get money by selling the stock. However, Sam still disagrees to make the company public and as a result, he is killed. His only child, Elizabeth, takes over chairmanship and figures out that his father didn't have an accident but was killed. Now, she cannot trust anyone in the board members since she knows one of them killed her father, is destroying the company and now is after her life. Can she find out who that person is? Can she save the company? Here is the little tale of brave heroine again. 

However, Mr Sheldon left some loose threats this time. It was like one of those time when you solve mathematical equation and don't understand how you solved it. I felt like towards the end, he ran out of ink or paper and just wanted to end the novel by picking up something that doesn't flow with the story. The ending seems very unorganized, and when the suspense was out, I was like WTH! very disappointed indeed! I think Sidney Sheldon completely lost his interest in the story in middle. 

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