Sunday, 26 October 2014

BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE: Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea


I was waiting for this match for a long time and without a doubt, it met my expectationYou know what, when Van Persie scored in stoppage time, it was an emotional time for me. Until that time, De Gea was my man of the match, and I seriously thought Jose Mourinho got away with that.

It was a great game and well deserved scores. We could have won but draw is always better than losing. I remember how United degraded last year and equally boring were their games. Now, things have changed. With new manager and £150m investment worth of new players, we have a quality squad. Di Maria, our £59.7m investment is definitely someone to look for. He will shine as he has always.

Chelsea looked very organised and confident from the beginning but on the other hand, United worked very hard. Although Chelsea look stronger this season, United challenged them with their hard work and winning mentality. Chelsea actually had to wait for corner to score, but that is corner, where players come on the way of goal keeper and poor goal keepers are lost in the crowd. Then came incredible equalising by Van Persie with his left foot. More than equalising, it was time for Van Persie to prove himself again and he did it magnificently. He still needs to improve his games though but I know when Rooney is back, everything will be alright :).

United is slowly getting used to their new tactics. Still lacking in defending position but in games like football, there is always room for improvement even though you are a winner. On the other hand, Jose Mourinho has definitely worked hard this season but lets not declare the winner now. As Van Persie said- 'We still have more than half of the games left so we can still catch Chelsea'.

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