Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game by Tilly Bagshawe

My Review: 2/5

If it was any other book, I would have said its good but I guess I had high expectation from the writer since she dared to write Sidney Sheldon's sequel story. Obviously, its hard to replace the great writer like Sheldon but seriously, people should question themselves thousand times before coming up with story like this. Especially, the following points have left my heart crawling:

1: Lexi's kidnapping is shown as the highlight in the beginning. At 8 years of old, she is shown unbelievably brave and matured. At least I wasn't like that at 8. She is too much affected by the kidnaping incident that she promises herself to punish 'Pig' but later on, I didn’t even know how the 'Pig' died. Was it poisoning? 

2: Lexi and Max in love. I totally didn't get it. They are first cousins from twins sisters. I know it's fiction but just to think about it is so gross!

3: Poor Tara and children are killed so that Gabe could hook up with Lexi. I was just surprised that Lexi didn't sleep with her own brother, Robert. 

4: And annoyingly ending of the book. 
Sidney Sheldon books do seem to end that way but with this book, there was just too many how? when? why? where? Ok woman, at least come up with a satisfaction conclusion even if you want to leave it for next sequel. Nothing was making sense at the end and the way the book ended, I just wanted to hit someone or something. Seriously! 

Still, I give her 2 stars for her bravery.

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